About Us

Ava Jewels, the highly acclaimed fine jewelry retailer and wholesaler, started with a gift. Rekha Vijayvargiya has always been a family woman, with passion and talent in art from a young age, and an eye for beauty.

After over 20 years of being involved in the gemstone industry and honing her skills in the fields of gemstones and jewelry design, Rekha decided in 2019 that she would launch a jewelry brand and designed her first piece, the bestselling zodiac necklace, as a gift for her daughter Ria.

Since its founding in 2021, Ava Jewels has launched numerous collections, each showcasing Rekha’s creativity and the thoughtfulness with which each piece is crafted. We use a variety of materials to create affordable and stunning jewelry for everyone, reflecting both sentiment and mesmerizing charm in our designs.

Whether you dress a piece up or down, when you wear Ava Jewels, all eyes are on you.



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